Remote Photo Viewer

Remotely view images stored on your PC

Remiew A.K.A. Remote photo viewer allows browsing your PC hard drives, folders, and review images directly from your mobile device such as iPad or iPhone. Relax and enjoy family event photos or recently made photo session results where you want; you only need wireless connection available. From now it’s not necessary to sit near PC all the day. It’s not necessary to transfer PC photos to iPhone, iPad or other mobile device just to watch them. Remiew supports wide range of image formats, including RAW images made via DSLR (thanks to dcraw).

Remiew on iOS

Do not wait for your images to load

Images are optimized for the wireless transfer on the fly. You do not need to wait for hours until the next image will be loaded.

It is free

Remote Photo Viewer is completely free.

No client software needed

You don’t need to install any additional client software on your device. Native mobile browser like Safari (iOS) or Google Chrome is more than enough. There are no hidden payments; forget about solutions like free server for PC and paid mobile app.

Powered by PhotoSwipe

Remote Photo Viewer utilizes PhotoSwipe framework for displaying images. Developed by Code Computerlove, it is specifically targeting mobile devices and provides superb user experience for images interacting.

More to come

We suggest eventually visit our web site for news and updates. We will be happy to add new features to Remiew, especially features you’re interested in.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions, suggestions, feedback or bug reports.